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Thread: A West Coast Dynasty Line In Concert

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    this is the dvd of 2pac's live concert, its only available in japan. some one i know from other forum has ripped the first cd of it and he is curently sharing it. as we cant post direct links here. i've managed to put it on my site. just download the first cd now and he will be sharing 2nd CD ASAP.

    again he is sharing it now and i dont know he long it will be sharing but looks like it will be sharing that for another 2 days or so.

    His name is westsyde01 and thats what he wrote in his thread!!!
    alright guys, out of 700 mb i only managed to upload about 350mb, for some reason my network went down, i guess the file was tooo big to upload to my server or something, i'm not sure, but this will do for now

    click on logo to go to my site and then its in freeware!! (also on my site u will find more info on this DVD)

    its a must have dvd for all tupac and rap fans!!!

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    He is still sharing this file so if any of ya want it u can get it!!


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