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Thread: Is There Really A Ps2 Disk Error Repair?

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    i have been googlin about the disk error repair because i am one of the unluckey ones to have the dreaded disk repair error all the time .But i could not get a decent result.Have any of u ever tried to repair and had a succesful outcome if so please please post here!
    Many thanks

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    i love ps2s i can help ya outdre errors are very common on older ps2s becausethelaser is extremly dust sensitive im gonn give you instructions on how to clean your lens be EXTEMLY CARFUL its easy enough to do but its also easy enough to f*uck your ps2 right up.chances are you got a defulted modual of th e ps2 meaning your laser is diying (horrible aint it) unless you have a warrenty sony will not provide you with anouth ps2 concle. you can however get the lens replaced 100$ us about at a sony repair shop. you can FIX IT TEMPORALY untill hte laser finally dies out there are two methouds 1 clean the lens 2 try to fix this thing that makes the lens go up and down (you dont nesesarly have to do both )
    heres the easy method

    Step 1: Vacuum the Vents (Optional)
    I recommend using the hose extension of your vacuum cleaner to suck out dust and dirt from the front vents and from the fan on the back of the system. This is entirely safe and even something Sony recommends. Go over the vents multiple times, because a lot of the dust will be “sticking” to the metal grating. You should continue to vacuum the vents on a regular basis, I’d say at least once every month, more frequently if you heavily use the system.

    Step 2: Removing the “Lock”
    Remove the warranty sticker near the fan on the back of the system. It’s a small, skinny sticker that says your warranty will be void if you remove this sticker blah, blah, blah. Obviously, if your PS2 has passed the 90-day warranty, it does not make a difference. If your PS2 is still in warranty, you’d be better off letting Sony fix it for free. In any case, you MUST remove this sticker if you plan on getting inside the system.

    Step 3: Lay the System Down
    Turn your PS2 horizontally face down on a flat, clean surface. This means that the blue “PS2” logo is facing the ground. You should see around 8 to 10 little plastic square-shaped covers on the side now facing up. These are the screw covers…that cover the screws.

    Step 4: Remove the Covers
    Remove all the screw covers with either your nails or a butter knife. All the covers are identical, except for the four soft rubber ones at each corner of the system. So when you put these covers back on, just remember that the soft rubber ones go on the outer corners.

    Step 5: Remove the Screws
    With all the screw covers removed, you now see the screws that you will have to remove as well. Use your Philips-head screwdriver and remove all of them.

    IMPORTANT: There will be 2 or 3 screws (varies from system to system) that are visibly longer than the others. Make sure you remember where these long screws came from, and that you screw them back into the SAME holes you unscrewed them from. I would recommend putting a piece of scotch tape over each hole that belongs to one of the long screws. If you put the long screws back into the incorrect holes, you may be screwing them into the motherboard, thus fatally damaging the system.

    Concerning all of the other shorter screws, you can mix them up whichever way you want, since they are all identical.

    Tip: Put all the screws out of your way, preferably in a bowl or small bag so they do not get lost.

    Step 6: My Hand is Shaking…
    Again, if you are feeling nervous at this point, don’t. This may seem like a risky endeavor, but it is fairly straightforward, as long as you follow the directions exactly. Okay, I know this was not really a step…

    Step 7: Flip It, Carefully
    Now, take your PS2 and turn it over again, so that the blue “PS2” logo is facing upwards towards you. Make sure you grip the system on the top and bottom while turning it over, since the cover will be loose now that the screws are off. The blue “PS2” logo should now be facing the ceiling, and the controller ports and disc tray should be facing you (as if you were going to put a game in it.)

    Step 8: Lift It, Carefully
    Now you are going to lift the top cover of the system off. (Again, it is the side with the blue “PS2” logo.) PLEASE READ THE NEXT PARAGRAPH CAREFULLY:

    IMPORTANT: Attached to the underside of this top cover are the wires that connect the power button to the power supply. Lift the cover off VERY SLOWLY, lifting from the back of the system first (near the fan). The cover will feel like it gets stuck on the power and reset buttons, but you just have to wedge it around them. This step may take you some time, just be patient and remember not to just rip the cover off.

    Tip: You may want a friend to hold the cover for you while it is off, but I’ve done it by myself every time.

    When you’ve lifted the cover about an inch from the system, you’ll see those wires I was talking about attached to the underside. Do NOT do anything to the wires; just slowly flip the cover over to the right side of the system, and lay it down, as if you were opening a book. Don’t worry if the tape holding the wires to the cover comes off, you can just put your own scotch tape back there later.

    Step 10: You Dirty, Dirty Thing! (Optional)
    Now, inside the system, you should see a bunch of computer chips and circuitry and stuff on the left side, and a black cover on the right side (the lens cover which you will soon remove), which has a warning sticker on it telling you about the dangers of staring at laser radiation (there’s no danger here, because the system is unplugged). You might also see a lot of dust and…more dust.

    REMINDER: Avoid touching any computer chips or circuitry with any part of your body. You may cause the motherboard to short-circuit from static electricity, and therefore your system may be fatally damaged.

    This part is optional, but again, I highly recommend you do it. Take your canned air and blow all that dust out of there. Do a thorough job, because this is your only chance to clean inside the system like this.

    If you were thinking about using a vacuum inside the system, obviously that is a bad idea. Do not do it.

    Step 11: Unscrew the Lens Cover
    Now we are going remove the screws that hold down the lens cover. Look for four tiny black screws near the corners of this black cover. Remove them all with your jewelry screwdriver, and make sure none of them fall into the system; otherwise you may have a hard time getting them out.

    Step 12: Lift the Lens Cover
    Now lift the cover off. Depending on your system, there may be additional screws holding the lens cover down, so remove any that do.

    Reminder: Remember where you took the screws out from, so you put them back in the right holes later. The PS2, for some odd reason, has a lot of unused screw holes, so make sure you don’t put a screw back in a hole that it was never in.

    Step 13: Lens Cleaning, Part I
    You have finally reached what you’ve been searching for: the laser lens.

    IMPORTANT: Do not directly touch or move the laser lens or any other mechanism around it with your bare hands. These parts are delicate and sensitive to impurities on your skin.

    First, take out that canned air again, and blow it around the laser lens and directly on the lens, making sure you blow into all corners you see.

    Step 14: Lens Cleaning, Part II
    Take a clean, unused cotton swab (Q-Tip), and soak the tip in some rubbing alcohol. Then, rub the Q-Tip on a clean surface (the inside of the alcohol bottle is good) around and around so that the Q-Tip is not fully saturated. You want it to be wet, but not dripping.

    Step 15: Lens Cleaning: Part III
    Wipe the lens with the wet Q-Tip in a continuous circular motion for about 15 seconds. Then, wipe in the opposite direction for 15 seconds. You can wipe the lens confidently with pressure, but do not apply sudden and excessive force.

    For Your Information: If you were curious, the lens you are wiping is “suspended” by resilient copper wires, which is why the lens feels like it is floating when you clean it with the Q-Tip.

    Step 16: Lens Cleaning, Part IV
    Now do the circular wiping method on the lens once again, this time with a dry (and again, clean) Q-Tip.

    Step 17: Lens Cleaning, Part V
    Now take out your trusty canned-air again, and blast the lens directly with air for a few seconds.

    Step 18: Reaching the Top is Only Half of the Challenge…
    Now it is the time to put the PS2 back together. I will walk you through it briefly. You can skip all the following steps if you feel you can place it back together yourself.

    First, place the lens cover back on (the square black cover with the radiation warning stickers). Do not forget to screw it back in with all the screws that you took out of it.

    Step 19
    Now take the PS2’s top cover (with the wires attached to it) and place it back on.

    IMPORTANT: As you’re placing it back on, make sure you guide those wires into place so that they rest on top of the lens cover.

    Step 20
    With the top cover securely back on, grip the PS2 by the top and bottom, and flip it upside-down to its blank side. (The side with the screw holes.)

    Step 21
    Screw all screws back in their places.

    Reminder: Remember which holes the long screws went in, because they MUST go back in the holes they were originally in.

    Step 22
    Place all the screw covers back on. Turn on your PS2, and hope for the best! Feel free to repeat this cleaning method as often as you

    easy eh ? no wi recomend getting more familyer with the inside of your ps2 before trying this

    1)repeat steps 1 through 9 on first method to open your ps2

    2. With the PS2 facing front and the disk tray open (you can have ps2 on but be aware of laser !!!&#33 look to the right and locate the long thin silver screw thread doodah. It goes into a small cylindrical motor at the top

    3. The part of the drive with the lens unit on it has a small strip of white plastic going off to the right sitting on top of the screw thread

    4. When the drive is operating the screw thread twists and moves the piece of plastic up and down through the thread of the screw this moves the lens unit up and down across the disk

    5. Twist the screw thread by hand to test it (this will slide the lens unit up and down). Test it thoroughly by sliding it all the way to the top and all the way to the bottom. If it's working correctly the lens unit should slide smoothly up and down even when you move it quite fast. If it seems to be working well, I'm afraid I can't be any further help
    But if it doesn't ......

    6. When I turned the screw thread on mine I found the white plastic strip would slip and make a clicking sound and lens unit didn't move. The sound it made was rather familiar !

    7. Now for the fix please be aware that this part isn't very scientific:
    Fiddle about with the white plastic strip until the lens unit runs smoothly up and down the screw thread when you twist it ! I prised the piece of plastic up very gently with a thin screw driver.

    9. My drive runs ALL disks (as opposed to none before &#33 and is quiet as a mouse. In fact it seems a lot quieter than it's been in a long time. I hope you get the same results

    if al that dosnt work than im sorry you need a new ps2 but dont give upon sony they fixed a lot of stuff on there newest version of ps2 and there not that exspensive like $200 in store or whatever i hope this helps

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    btw ive tried and succsesfully completed both methods and fix many ps2s of mine and friends using them so they otta work fo ryou


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