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Thread: Voyager Series

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    Need to get complete series start to finish.

    Any links would be good. I have tried emule but I have no chance on there so please dont suggest that. Must be decent quality and preferably ripped by same group so quality is consistent throughout.

    Help please

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    I dont think they've been released on dvd yet.Have you tried k-lite or bt.

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    I would not mind if they were only TV rips as there are some full series of it on emule but no sources. So if anyone has it already please contact me

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    Well I don't have them all, but I do have S1 complete S2 complete and I am not working on S3. The ones I have are not great quality but they are no different than VHS standard. So if you keep looking I am on K-lite and I do share at higher levels. Even though I don't get them at high levels, I do share mine at higher levels.

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    It' on
    The complete series (except one episode)

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    thanks for the link matey but kazaa is not even the best place for getting source's for Voyager their must be some treky who knows a place to get them

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    oh god i watched the entire series of Voyager (7 seasons or something) like 10 times already on TV...

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    UK dude they buy the rights for the first couple of seasons then forget us fans and re-run those 2 seasons forever. BBC cheap bastards. Same with the simpsons we have not had a new episode in years same old re-runs


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