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Thread: Bittorent Help?

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    Oct 2003
    I Have uploaded 36 mb and it hasnt downloaded a single bite yet what is wrong with this?? i started the file yesturday and resumed it today and i am connected to 20 peers with an average of 87% completed and i havent gotten a single bite yet.... i dont mind shareing (even for nothing in return cuz thats what shareing is about) but i dont get why it isnt dl'ing my file??? the file is
    Thursday-War_All_The_Time-(Retail)-2003-FNT.rar from supernova website.

    any help would be apreciated

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    are you firewalled, behind a router, do you have shadows client
    also their tracker was spoused to be down for a few days

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    Oct 2003
    yes im firewalled but i have dl'ed plenty of times and i got almost all the way threw this file yesturday and then it just stoped so i resumed it to day and it hasnt dl'ed a single bit...... yes i have shadows client i know it isnt the firewall because that has never been an issue for dl'ing for me it might be the tracker but i have no clue how to fix the dl if it is the tracker. aand so far i have up'ed 86 mb and it still hasnt dl'ed anything.

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    That's probably because u stopped the download and tried to resume again. Try starting the client over again and see if it takes off since you haven't got anything delete the folder or file it made and start brand new. Keep doing that until u get it downloading. If it doesn't work then i would leave that alone.


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