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Thread: How To Put Avi Movies On To Dvd-r Disks Pls Help

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    Hello All,

    I've got around 200 avi dvd movies which i downloaded off Kazaa,they are around 700mb in size,i went out and bought a new Pioneer 106 dvd rewriter so i could put all the movies on to dvd-rs but i've only managed to get about 3 to write to dvd-r disks and i've wasted about 6 blank dvd-rs,i'm new to all this dvd writing,here is the programs i've been using (WinMPG Video Convert,which when i convert from avi to dvd or avi to mpeg2 i can't get it to write to disk) & (Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6, which i've managed to make 2 dvds which play on my home dvd player but can't seem to get any more to write) & (Nero 6 Ultra Edition, which i've made 1 dvd but can't seem to get any more to write) am i doing something wrong ? is there any easy software that i could use that will convert the avi files to dvd and burn them without all the diffrent settings which i don't understand,any help would be greatful.

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    boss, lol, you love that word.

    Encode mate, thats all im saying boss.


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