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Thread: A Question About Firewire Cards...

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    I'm getting an iPod soon, and i need to get a Firewire card. I have a couple of Q's.

    What kind of prices am I looking at?
    Are their OS compatibility issues, or does it not really matter?
    What kind should I get?


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    Cards These arent exactly cards....they go in a drive bay and i have no clue how you connect them to your mobo...but you do! The ultra ones look nice and are only 20 bux
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    Sorry but I am not taking out either my CD-ROM or CD-RW drive. Any other options?

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    Originally posted by TheChemist@25 October 2003 - 20:37
    Sorry but I am not taking out either my CD-ROM or CD-RW drive. Any other options?
    you don't
    its uses a pci slot, and a got one a walmart of all places for like 12 bucks, it was marked down because someone bought it and brought it back, think originally cost like 20 something

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    And it worked with an iPod?

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    Sorry wrong post

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    dude, ur lookin at around $17 with cable on newegg. pretty cheap. i'm buying that 1, but most likely, i'll wait till thankgiving, when best buy and circuit city and comp usa have free stuff and amazing discounts


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