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Thread: New Chat Room Started Om Mirc

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    hi i just like to say that a new chatroom has started on mirc

    if you wish to join and serve files by fserv or xdcc bot you are welcome to do so, you can serve ,software,movies,mp3s, porn, except gay or kid porn if you wish to join this newly created room come to and join #ftm or put this in your browser and it will take you there if you have a mirc client


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    Jan 2003
    who is this room for k-lite people or everyone

    is it your own private one?

    i mite visit in a bit

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    what about #ftm do you still go their? weren't you a % or op on there

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    scribblec it a new chat room that i have created and it for anybody who want to join this room was made to help spread files over the fasttrack network

    muchspl2 i am no longer a op on the #ftc room since i raise issus about one of the sop that was doing stuff i feel was unprofessional and since my issue fell on deaf ears on the admin of the room i created this one and i promise the bull i seen on that chat room will not happen in mine and i hope people will give it a chance

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    wow, always happens when I'm away, I always miss the drama


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