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Thread: Linking A Laptop To A Pc.

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    Okay please someone help me out this is really pi$$ing me off.

    I've got broadband on my pc and I want to share the internet connection with my laptop (windows xp, same as my pc).
    I've already got a wireless USB on my pc which is capable of sharing the internet connection now I've got an 'wireless lan card bus' for my laptop which goes into the side of my laptop.

    I've installed the wireless on my laptop and it's all ready to go just I can't get it to make a connection with my pc can anyone help me or give me some advice please?
    I wasn't going to buy it in the first place, so me downloading it for free isn't losing them any money.

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    Use a router mate,its much simpler if you just want to share the connection.

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    Just a wireless USB adapter won't work, you need a router or an access point! Your wireless USB adapter can not connect to another client adapter only to routers and access points.

    Either you get rid of the wireless USB adapter and buy a compatible router or access point, or you use a long crossover cable to connect your PC to the notebook.

    BTW, since you have a broadband connection to your PC, it would be wise to purchase a Cable/DSL Wireless Router from Linksys or Netgear if you want a good wireless network.


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