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Thread: Chrome

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    This game is whack, the graphics are ok and the ai not bad, but even on very easy difficulty the bad guys are so accurate with their shots. Its a dam hard game, kinda pissing me off though, and the storyline is shite. Anyone else played it, got any views on it.
    Just completed Hidden and Dangerous 2, fookin great game apart from the crap mission where your disguised in that german castle to contact the agent. It told me i would be ok with the disguise on, everytime i was seen by a german theyd shoot me seeing right through my disguise so I had to stab every german in the castle LOL.

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    chrome looked like a UT wanabe...

    and about hidden and dangerous 2...i havent played the game but im sure there was somting you were doing wrong to blow ur cover....were you holding a gun or somting that you werent supposed to be holding? were you running or somting i duno try dif things B)

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    The graphics on Chrome were great. better than Halo. but i never got passed the 3rd mission because im fed up with mindless shooters that take no thinking or stradegy to complete.

    I have high hopes for Hidden and Dangerous 2 . have not played it yet


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