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Thread: An Old Vhs Cassette

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    While sorting through some old videos I came across a tape on which I recorded Noisy Mothers on. It's an old program that used to be on UK tv in the early morning.
    I was stoked its got some great videos on it that I had'nt seen for years. Machinehead: Davidian. Terrorvision: Alice Whats A Matter (I love that one) Megadeth: Sweating Bullets. Bon Jovi: Always. Bodycount: Born Dead.

    It's just reminded me of how much older music I'd forgotten about so I've gotta d/l these.

    Back then my musical tastes were so shallow (anything rock or metal) and it made me think of how much my tastes have grown. I pretty much love anything now that has musical merit to it, rock, metal, punk, goth, blues, jazz, rock n roll, rap, hip hop, drum n bass, garage, trance, house, hardcore, r'n'b, classical, opera, funk and any other genre that I cant think of right now.

    Metal and rock got me into music what did it for you? How far have your musical tastes grown?

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    My tastes havnt grown that much. I'm still an old hippy and still listen to the 60's - 80's rock/country/folk.

    Some new stuff i like, but mostly its the bands i grew up with. Once they get up on their crutches and do something new of course



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