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Thread: Vice City .bin Files

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    I've downloaded cd1 of GTA Vice City when I extract the files however the .exe files won't setup. I downloaded the game from anyone downloaded from there? maybe they had trouble too or is it just me?

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    did it completely download? what did you use to extract it?
    should just mount it with daemon tools

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    I have all of cd1 but cd2 is still downloading but still cd1 should work. Daemons tool can't read the cue file either.

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    SIZE= 769MB=788,221KB=807,138,192 bytes

    This file appears to be corrupt.
    About a third of the way into installation an error box pops up.
    It's titled "COMPONET TRANSFER ERROR" and says there's a
    CRC (cyclic redundancy check) error in DATA2.CAB.
    When you hit OK button on error box the install cancels.

    Downloaded from Kazza. Others also had same problem.
    Usually Bittorent is the way to go for big game files but
    others have had problems there too.

    This may be a bad file intentional planted on P2P NETS....


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