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Thread: Daemon Tools Not Working

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    I am trying to use it for sim city 4. like when it says insert cd 2 so it can finish installing. i mount the image but it doesn't work, help?

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    get it off kazza? could be a bad download, try running it through cdmage

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    After you are finished installing the first CD, a window pops open and asks to insert the next CD. you know you DON,T click that window to load the next Image.

    You have to right click on the Daemon Tools icon in your task bar to load the next image. then you click the OK in the pop up box.

    And if you cant see your desktop/system tray because the install window has everything covered. hit the windows key on your keyboard, that will let you get to your system tray to see the Daemon Tools Icon

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    well put, I went ten rounds with a guy and he kept screwing up on that very part, I'll look for a link
    funny shit, glad he finally got it though


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