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Thread: Tv On The Internet

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    I went looking for US cable tv stations but found none, i was reading about a site called in Canada which a few years ago attempted this but was shut down for copyright infringement.

    I have tried programs like tvonline, worldtv(which seems to be made by the same folks as tvonline) and vtuner but all the tv programs are crap and you can get them from the sites below anyway.

    If you know of any links for cable tv stations let me know, but i doubt there is any.

    Here's a few online tv links - your need a netherlands proxy to access the staions

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    Hey junkyardking,
    thanks for the site posts, i am stuck in a non english speaking country at the moment, so i am craving any programs that i can find in english! Kazza is my only life-line at the moment. I am looking for the same thing as you, but have had even less luck than you!
    Cheers K................ :beerchug: :beerchug: :beerchug:


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