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Thread: Chrono Cross Dl From Website Question

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    ok so i found a site that has Chrono Cross to dl from but the first disc is split into 21 seperate downloads and the second disc is split into 20 downloads each about 20 question is after downloading all of them from each disc how do i combine them all together to play in epsxe? im only familiar with downloading the full iso and burning that to a cd or even bin and cue but not this divided into 40 something pieces. Thx.

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    It is common practice to download games from warezsites in that format.You just open the lowest numbered one with winrar,this should give you an ISO then.

    Good luck.

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    ok, thx...just wondering y they do itlike that cause i have to click a new link everytime i finish a section so overall im downloading like 41 different parts...


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