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Thread: Got A Few Bugs

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    i just reinstalled everything fresh on computer. seems fine. but. lol always that word. i have dsl online 24/7. and sometimes when i try to go to a website explorer says not online. then give me a yes or no to log on. i should be online always.
    another problem i found is with yahoo messenger. if some1 sends me a link to view a site it doesnt work. i have to copy and paste to browser to view. any thoughts or help is very much appreciated and thx.
    windows xp and ie6.

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    hi there !
    i've only had that problem once.
    i'm behind a router and i had to configure
    settings to "Dynamic Ip Address".
    after that no problems at all.
    hoping this helps

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    I have the "Link" Proble, and its getting to me now, Everytime, I just glad I dont get a lot of links.

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