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Thread: New Zalman Case

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    Mar 2003
    I just ran across this link which describes ( in German, unfortunately) a new Zalman case in which all the cooling is handled by heatpipe technology.

    Pretty damn cool (sorry).

    Maybe a German speaker could fill us in on some of the more relevant info contained in the text, although the pics are pretty self-explanatory.

    Technology marches on.
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    Here you go Clocker, a Google translation for you ...

    Finally, infinite peace in the cardboard. It has for a long time to finally such a product in the mass-market appears lasted. The manufacturer will be able itself to hardly save from the many vorbestellungen. On the paper convincingly we wait technically already now on the first samples and price information. One might be now already clear however, the price far below all self's building Konstruktiuonen will lie, since Zalman is specialized in absolute mass production as well known 6 Heatpipes for the CCU and 2 for the graphics map as well as 10 for the non removable disk might keep the system optimally cool. We are pleased on it and now already say ourselves tschuess your exhaust and Krachmacher! Hopefully is soon Christmas: -)

    Which one is to there still say, a piece of cream of the superlative. There I get damp eyes. Heatpipes (18 pieces!&#33 and radiator boxes up to decline.

    Peace in completed form it a housing completely closed in itself is there. First PC the housing where one also the optical drive assemblies to dam and decouple can!

    More is technically not feasible!

    More quietly gehts not!

    Starting from October over

    to refer

    Thus begin now already strongly with saving.

    I remain natural at the ball...

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    That's funny, I always thought that Germans were more, ah...coherent.

    Fortunately the pics are good.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    billy can u go to google? i ask this becuz for some reason i cant access google or yahoo ne more. only netscape .

    btw, thats an ugly case


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