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Thread: Freedom Fighters

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    if you want the link just pm me the server is at this moment realy fast so be quike

    Edit it seems that only the ppl in the Europ are getting fast dl speed

    Edit 2 soz peeps the site seems 2 be down

    Edit 3 lol i found another site its seems 2 be working ok

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    I already have Freedom Fighters, and I've completed it. It's a really good game. I would recommend it to anyone

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    how much do i have left in the game.

    I am at the school mission after the base is taken over by the bad guys
    I have Mordens Audio Hack PLEZ stop emailing me

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    id say ur bout half way through if i can remember it is an old game so i may be off

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    it was so small....and game play was kinda stupid cuz it wanst a 1st person game.....and drunken ur sig is awesome! amanda is hot! but not THE HOTTEST tho

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    How much did you take to finish it octo...?

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    Is it rip or CD image or what?

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    Originally posted by Mad Cat@27 October 2003 - 16:09
    Is it rip or CD image or what?
    its a rip

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    i beat the game first day i got it so yea id have to say its a small game but i like the fact you get control over like 12 other soilders (kinda like having a small army)
    it wiuld of been better if 1rst person @ octo thanx i made my sig just for her (incase she ever reads it ya never know)

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    Guest if she reads it i dont think celebs will go on a internet forum especially of a p2p sharing one lol good luck tho....maybe u should go to the award thign and when u see her ask to marry her!

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