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Thread: Cable Tv - Analogue - Descrambler/decoder

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    I have read that there are some programs out there that will descramble / decode analogue cable tv signals using a tv card.Has anyone ever tried any of these programs and do they really work?Using PAL not NTSC

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    A cable tv descrambler will get you all the prememium channels, with/ without a tv tuner card.

    Just buy a descrambler converter box and try it out for yourself. And then use your tv card.

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    Go HERE

    Its better to get one, or get a card that can retreave "digital TV"

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    thanks for the link - but its not what i'm after - i have a video card with capture etc - what i want is software i can install that will descramble the cable channels - at the moment i can watch the free to air channels but i want to be able to watch all the channles - i have heard of programs called cablecrypt and Exotv that can do this - has anyone ever used these or others like them?

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    Thats why you need a descambler or converter box.

    If you descramble the signals on your regular cable at your home first then those channels wont be scrambled when your pc gets them from your cable.

    For example, if you didnt have cable then obviously you wouldnt get cable on your pc.

    Well if you have all the channels on your cable box at home then when your pc gets it then it will get all the channels you already have.

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    thanks - i understand that - i have a cable modem and therefore have a cable feed into my house - i can watch the free to air channels no problem - as i said i want to know what software to use to descramble the rest of the channels

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    red i'm in the same exact problem as you are, so far, i havent found any descrambler software, i know there out there, because you can find a few on kazaa, but they were made for the very old models of tv-tuners, for windows 95.

    I would love to find something for windows XP.

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    i got an ati all in wonder 9000 n a 40 dollars antenna but my channels are pretty fuzzy... is there any way to get better quality?


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