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Thread: Help Me With Installing This New Processor

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    I am going to buy this processor but i think it doesn't come with a fan it say cpu only so does that mean no fan? Also if it needs a fan i found this do i need this to install the processor it doesn't seem that i have a fan on my current one i think. I am new at this and any help would be great please tell me what you think.

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    Oh one other thing i know there is a fan that is mounted on the case of the computer. Is there supposed to be that fan and another fan located right above the cpu? With the processor i have now there in no fan attached right on top of it but a fan that is located above it but mounted to the case. Can some one tell me if i need both?

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    Why would you buy an old cpu like that? Is it to upgrade what you already have?

    You'll need to tell us what you are doing, and what mobo you have now.

    If you don't have a fan on your CPU, it's because it is old, they didn't get hot enough then to warrant a fan.

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    I've seen some pc's where the fan was mounted in the case with ducting between the fan and the cpu. Without knowing what you've got at the moment it is impossible to tell if this is what's happening here.

    That is an awful lot of money to be paying for a very outdated processor, I would have thought you could pick one up for a lot less than that.
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    Well my system is pretty old (celleron processor) i emailed my computers tech support and they said that that proscessor would work in my computer which would be a upgrade. I think i can use the current heat sink that is on my current processor which is an old celeron would that be ok you think.

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    you would be better spending the money on a basic skt A board and an amd 1.3 duron for about the same price, it wont be that fast....but a big difference to the p3 800, or if you got just a little more money an athlon 1.7 for even better speed

    edit....and then you could sell ya old mobo n processor in a local bargain paper for $20 or so

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    So if i do have an old processor and it doesn't warrent a fan does that mean that i have to buy one when i get the new pentium 3 processor? Do you think the heatsink alone with the fan that's on the computer case is enough?I appreciate everyones help with this issue.

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    Wouldn't hurt, besides you can extend the life of that cpu. Processors from high end 486s to today's cpu's probably would work best with some type of cooling.
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    Dell had the cowl on it Compaq have no fan (in front like yours) only heatsink,I would have asked about the heatsink when you asked about the cpu upgrade to be on the safe side.Your manual should tell you the size to go upto and don't forget you might need a bios update to take a larger cpu.

    You also say you have a celeron at this moment so then it is possible you have 66 mhz memory the 800 needs 100/133 mhz memory DON'T jump in without checking you might need new memory too(the price is then getting higher).

    Some Dells can have the m/board changed just like SOME not many Compaqs,post your board as asked then it would be easier to help.

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