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Thread: Tv Ratings

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    I'm doing this science project and I need to know how to rate tv channels. Find out whats the highest channel, show time etc any one know how?

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    thanks but is there like a program or sumthin i could use.
    Its just that i live in Australia so i cant really use that site.

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    sorry can't help you, but maybe one of the Australian peeps can help, I'd check google, sure they have something smilier or something

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    o well can anybody else help me?

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    do you mean "ratings" as in age recommendations or the number of people who view it?

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    the number of people who view it

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    this is how it's done in the u.s. it's a random poll of people's viewing habits, which is supposed to reflect the larger population--

    there used to be an australian version of the nielsen tv ratings--

    but i believe OzTAM is the only significant television ratings firm in australia now--

    it seems the australian tv industry has been reluctant to place as much importance on a polling system as the u.s. has, though.

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    thanks dude thats a great help


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