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Thread: Julia Louis-dreyfus

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    does anyone have any good pics of Julia Louis-Dreyfus from seinfeld? Like nude pics or vids, i doubt anyone has vids but pics would be cool. Its really hard to find anything on this chick

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    c'mon people i turn to you for help.

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    umm yeah thats great dude but do u actually have any pics?

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    i doubt she's done any n00dz. she's a comedian, not some bimbo who has to show T&A to get attention.

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    yeah i agree but she's so fucking hot

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    Originally posted by shoutman@27 October 2003 - 07:47
    yeah i agree but she's so fucking hot
    I think she's just damn annoying.

    I doubt she would have done any nude scenes - thank God.

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    here is some not so good shots

    just navigate to the J section and scroll down

    Celebs Exposed

    also just type into a search engine celebs exposed naked etc...


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