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Thread: Evanescence

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    there are thousands of it on kazaa, but most of them download at 0.02 (when i usually get songs @ 14 KBps) and they have beeps in them...

    i heard the stream on their site, and i want the song.

    anyone got it?

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    maybe you havent heard the song, and thats why nobody seems to be interested in this

    click here for a stream

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    I Got It.Its Alright.Not That hard to find.just download a few times & you'll find a real one

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    ok, that was not very helpful...

    why not giving a sig2dat link?
    or at least the size of your song? (in kb)


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    Go Here for the sig2dat...

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    i did a search before starting this request, so i already read trhu that whole topic. there is no sig2dat for the band version of my immortal there

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    File:Evanescence - My Immortal [Band Version].mp3
    Length:4390912 Bytes, 4288KB

    i ripped the audio track off the video, and here it is.



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