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Thread: Bittorrent Troubles

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    Right now I'm downloading at a speed of 5 kb/s and uploading at 20 kb/s. I've got the yellow light, and I'm aware that that is my problem. I have a router and I set it to allow ports 6881-6999, which are the ports that Bittorrent is set to use on my computer.

    I made the changes, but it didn't seem to do anything, I'm still stuck with the yellow light. I also have a firewall, but I set that to allow on all ports. I have Cable and I really want to use it to it's full capability, I'm tired of waiting 4 days for a 700 MB file. Any suggestions?

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    I would except every file I download is always yellow.

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    no not try downloading it again, try to configer your shit again

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    Okay, but there's no other way to configure it. I followed everything correctly. It has to be something else, but I have no idea what it could be.

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    when you check your router config page ( it has the ports forwarded?
    xp has a firewall built in also, maybe try DMZ and restart then try a torrent again, if its not green, then you must not be putting in the right ip for that computer

    make sure to change back the DMZ after the experiment

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    Route it and then you will be set, most of the time I get a yellow light, after about 30min, its Greem B)

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    I did do the port forwarding, the XP firewall is disabled. I allowed all ports on ZoneAlarm, I don't know what else to do. I am getting faster speeds though, 25 kb/s versus 2-5 kb/s. It's just that darn light never changes from yellow.


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