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Thread: Looking For Indie Love Songs

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    I am looking for some independent love songs. Does anyone know of any?

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    Check out The Waifs. They are an Australian "Indie" band and sing some beautiful songs. My fave is Here If You Want

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    In terms of indies...(mostly Aussie tunes&#33

    Leonardo's Bride - Even When I'm Sleeping
    Big Star - I'm In Love With A Girl
    Concrete Blonde - Make Me Cry
    Hunters and Collectors - Throw Your Arms Around Me
    Ed Kuepper - The Way I Made You Feel
    Split Enz - Message To My Girl (not totally indie but a great love tune&#33

    There's some picks from my collection....
    Up Yours! Love from The Club....

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    One of my favorites ever is The Flaming Lips - They Punctured My Yolk

    It's about two astronauts in love who get seperated when one goes to space and the other one has to stay.

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