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Thread: Kindom Of Hearts...i Just

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    i just got this its old game for ps2 mabey anouther concle or pc i dont know but its so weird a combo of ff and disney characters neways im posting to find out if ne1 knows what the song is called or who its bye in the beginig fmv thanx

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    It's Kingdom Hearts not Kingdom of Hearts.

    Song is Hikkari by Utada Hikaru, jpop know google does do wonders.

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    its hikari not hikkari

    thanks for helping me find the song

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    i thought the game was kinda gay....i mean they totally killed the ff characters by making them sound like little kids i mean wtf

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    leon aries yuffie sound fine (im only like hour 1\2 into game) plust donald and goofy being you teammates if funny. i found it remarkable how good the games remainded considering the whole disney thing i do however agree the main character shouldnt of been sora it shoulda been a new original character but its great y how you get to hear the voices of a bunch of ff characters and see then reanimated with better graphics


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