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Thread: Nis 2004 No Activation

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    Hi all,
    I am currently d/loading a file advertised on kazza as Norton Internet Security 2004 No Activation. It's filesize is 80557kb. ANyone know anything about this file?

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    Where did you find it? Did you just do a search or did you get a hash from the varifieds?

    Go on and check over there for the file size.

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    No I just did a search for it using kazzalite and there it was. I've just double clicked it and a dos box comes up and then goes away...wonder why?

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    Ouch, that doe't seem good mate, did you scan it?

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    Yep, sure did..always do I even changed the file extension from .exe to iso and .rar and nothing....god only knows what it is. I've deleted it now

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    Hummm, Sounds a weard one.


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