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Thread: Tmpgenc Question

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    Do you need to "extract" the audio form the .avi, or can you just use the avi and go?
    I am going to be encodeing to DVD MP2 is that helps.

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    you can encode the audio straight from the AVI. if the program has a problem with it, then extracting the AVI's audio to a WAV file might be a good second option.

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    Well, I set it to go, and pressed encode, and it started, so no errors there, so I am gessing it will be OK.

    Still, what program do I use to "extract" the audio (.wav) VirtualDUB???
    Something like that its called.

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    yeah, Virtualdub.

    File -> Save WAV.

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    Cool, Thanks for that, will remember it.

    I have a good memory

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    You can use vdub but go to

    vdub - Audio - full processing mode - Audio - conversion (set sample rate for the media you are decoding to)
    File - Save wav

    Some audio (like ac3) have an unkown tag
    You see this in vdub

    Vdub - File - File information

    If unkown i use Goldwave - Drag avi into goldwave - deflashing starts - Then save as wav. (you can maximse volume first if low audio)

    NOTE Goldwave sometimes looks like it has crashed but give it a minute and it will fire up. Low priority when other things running)

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    (set sample rate for the media you are decoding to)
    And I find that?

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    All i know is the info for vcd,s
    The sample rate is 44100 Hz

    I think the sample rate for dvd is 48000 Hz (but search sit for correct sample rate)

    Also forgot to add make sure compression is set to no compression

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    or 99% of the time when you get error for sound with tmpgenc, its to do with your vfapi settings, please set all like this
    (ignore any settings you don't have, just worry about the ones you do have)

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    If u want to know info for a file just use VirtualDub and go to file>open video then file>file information it will tell u all about it.

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