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Thread: Scsi Cd Rom Appered From No Where

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    ffs my pc sais its got a scsi cd rom installed when it doesnt.

    I uninstalled DAEMON Tools and its still their, i uninstalled the device booted up its still their i uninstalled my dvd rom its still their i cant get rid of it ARGHHHH!!!

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    i guess you should do some reading about how DaemonTools works.

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    you need to go down further and uninstall scsi controller aswell as the device

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    Where can I downlaod a CD-ROM drive from?

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    ok, i shouldn't explain this, but i will. if you install DaemonTools you oughta take the time to understand what it does. DaemonTools uses CD images to create virtual CD-Roms. it installs drivers for them, and entries in the device manager. for all intents & purposes, Windows sees them as CD-Rom drives.

    to install a virtual CD-Rom, you set the number of devices in DaemonTools to 1. to uninstall it, you set it to 0. shutting DaemonTools down or uninstalling it should have no effect on whether Windows lists the virtual CDs. you have to set the number of virtual devices to 0.

    try to uninstall the CD-Rom and its SCSI controller. if that doesn't work, reinstall DaemonTools and set the number of devices to 0.

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    Originally posted by 3RA1N1AC@27 October 2003 - 14:03
    if you install DaemonTools you oughta take the time to understand what it does
    Yeah man i know exactly what it does and what its used for.

    If i didnt know what it does i wouldnt have installed it in the first place. I dont download random programs and install them for the heck of it.

    i didnt think about uninstalling the actuall scsi controller i forgot all about that.

    Il do it right after this reply

    Thanks for the help man.

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    btw, i think you might be blaming the wrong program for the "phantom" CD-Rom. if you use a CD burning program called Alcohol, that's more likely the reason it's there. but still, almost the same idea-- it's a virtual disc, not an error.


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