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Thread: Virus

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    another victom of norton

    you can turn off system restore, run your POS av then after the all clear turn system restore back on


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    What would you like me to do about it! You need to be more specific!

    Like your case btw, i got the same one in silver

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    ok wat should i use then muchspl2?

    ty kunal B)

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    Norton has such a big fan base, its hard to convince people that it sucks, just don't believe the hype
    I use avg and a firewall (zone alarm)
    but my non-resident is sophos av

    your lucky it wasn't a nastier one, I know people with licensed Norton(bought it) and ran updates and scanned every week, get so fucked they lost hard drives from viruses because Norton let them down


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    Originally posted by TheFilePirater@28 October 2003 - 04:15
    ok wat should i use then muchspl2?

    ty kunal  B)
    There is no ONE program that will protect u from V/Trojans, a combination of several steps, program, protocols would have to be established first.

    when I get some free time, hopefully within the next week, I'll be posting a comprehensive guide on the anti virus/trojan/hack and ANTI USER MISUSE/MISTAKES in my sig so look for it.


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