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Thread: Good Easy-to-use Dvd Ripper

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    any suggestions? i haven't found any programs that worked for me. most were corrupted files, but any programs and varified size would be helpful. got lots of DVD movies to rip and Music Videos to rip also.

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    smart ripper

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    Yep, Smartripper v2.41
    this is a free program available from

    Happy Ripping!

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    for some freakin' reason that program doesn't work for me either. something about aspi- there was a help forum on that and went to it however i have no clue where to stick these files and the files that were unzipped, only one was excutable but not labeled aspi32.exe instead wow.exe. tried that too, but it didn't do anything.

    any other rippers that may work for me??

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    dvd x version 2.2 its an all in one dvd ripper (avi, svcd, vcd)

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    DVD Decrypter is the best...with there latest versions letting you burn dvds straight from the ripping process


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