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Thread: Dvd Burning

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    Until recently I could burn DVD's at 4x, 13 mins for one disk. Nero has decided to only burn at 1x now so 45 mins. Anyone have any ideas about why this would happen. Ive tried other burning appz but none of them recognise my drive (its very new and unsupported by most).

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    are you using a different brand of discs than before? that might have something to do with it...

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    sorry i should have mentioned that. No exactly the same disks out of the same pack. No new installs, upgrades or anything. Didn't even reboot (i have since then). It just switched speeds. It says its burning at 4x and the timer shows 13 mins but it just keeps going and takes about 45 mins. The disks comeout fine, never an error, just damn annoying speed.

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    if it's burning slower than the speed you selected (and the program accepted), it could be that your hard drive is fragmented and it's just taking a long time to send data to the burner.

    you might wanna run a defragger and see what your HD partition looks like. if there aren't any wide open spaces, then the HD might be slowing down because it's cramming data into whatever places they can fit.

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    The drive the files are on is fine, it just has avi's. and the cache drive Nero uses is fine too. Its wierd, 2 days ago I could ftp, play vid and burn at the same time with no slowdown. It wouldnt burn cheap disks quickly but the more expensive ones were fine. Its starting to piss me off now


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