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Thread: Bmp To Jpg

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    to turn a bmp to jpg what program do you use and how do you use it , a quick html referance is fine. i've been serching through google and so far nothing.

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    lol, wat o/s u run??

    if xp then just select save as jpeg

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    Win 98

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    for freeware, what about irfanview

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    sorry all, i'm retarted on i just looked and on win 98 you can do the same.

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    ok this is an extremely long process of coding and all other things along the lines of hardness and you may need many of an espresso to do so
    • Open paint
    • File\Open\thefile.bmp
    • File\Save\thefile.jpg
    • wasn't that hard

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    as i've said before my fault, the bmp was working fine for what i was doing but it keep having all this extra white space and i was trying to find a way to crop it out so that it wouldn't cover up the pics around it(project i'm working on). this is probly really simple to do but i'm not working right today and i can't figure it out. Also i'm new to this art on the comp. thing.

    yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses, i know

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    Originally posted by Laine@27 October 2003 - 23:09
    sorry all, i'm retarted on i just looked and on win 98 you can do the same.
    Ignore those people Laine. I use PaintShop Pro version 4.12

    It is Shareware and lets you open BMP files and save them as JPG and other formats like GIF, TIF, PCX, etc...

    You can also create invisible GIFs for web pages.

    Click here for the LEGAL shareware version of PaintShop Pro 4.12


    visit this page for more free stuff. It includes tips and trick with numerous tutorials!

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    save it as a png if you want opacity

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    yeah paint shop pro works alot better. finnaly something that works

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