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Thread: Downloading Games Before They Are Released

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    On supernova Ford Racing 2 was just uploaded a few days ago, the game is not out yet. So my question is how to people get ahold of the games before they are released?? Sorry if this has been brought up before. I know with the indy car series game the pre orders for the pc shipped long before the stores got them.

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    im not sure but id say hackers...cuz condition zero was leaked and valve was hacked and tahts how they got cz

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    Interesting, even more becasue the pc and ps2 version are up for download. I also just found out the ship date is in december sometime.

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    maybe they work for the company and backstab it?

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    That might be, I wonder if any changes will be made between now and when the final version will be released? Although the Indy Car Series game pc pre orders were shipped long before the pc version hit stores.

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    The answer lies in NFOs ...

    Hackers recruit people who work in say ... PC World, who can get the games early, because of course, the store supplies the games, before they become available on the shelves. The snitch would probably then either steal the game or make a copy of it, rip it at home, upload it to a newsgroup server (after RARing it), which would then be merged to the IRC networks, and finally passed down to the P2P networks, and then maybe DDL/FTP.

    And that's how I think it works.

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    They get the game from someone who works at a game-magazine or a game-webside. Game-dev. want a review of the game in a mag. before it comes out, so they send a review copy around.


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