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    I already posted in software so i hope no one minds. I recently got a computer, and I was trying to burn a cd, but it came out messed up. The first song was a little scratchy, the second was real scratchy and the rest hardly played. I tried using Roxio and Real Player, and the songs play fine on my pc. Does anyone know whats wrong? Could it be my drive?

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    umm so the cd plays on your computer but not on CD players or Boom boxes?
    well burn it at a slower rate next time. I heard burning as fast as possible can make the music cd weak.

    Actually did you burn the mp3s themself or did u burn the mp3s into CD format useing Nero Music CD Wizard?

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    No, sorry, when I said they play fine on my computer I meant as .mp3s. And I didn t use Nero, but someone suggested it. Do you think thats the problem?

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    Ive had no problems with Nero, if i use the wizzard or not and my comp isnt what you might call modern. Also i agree with Wolfmight - burn at a slower rate if possible - its more reliable. Even on cheap CD's.


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    I noticed that if I use PINCO brand CDRs, they play perfect in my car. If I use Memorex, I have to burn them at slower speeds.

    My CD burner features "vericord", and with NERO and Easy CD Creator, I can adjust the burning intensity of the LASER. Since I have a crappy CD player in my car, I have to burn cheap disks at slow speeds and at a different LASER intensity.


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