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Thread: Commandos: Beyond The Call Of Duty Dl

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    I just downloaded commandos: beyond the call of duty and extracted to folder.
    i tried setup to play it, but when it is bout to load it returns to desktop . i tried vry other exe file and the reg setup thingy. the tutorials work tho , but the readme and all the exes sugest it is the full game.
    is this a fake file or do i need a crack or nocd? plz help

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    what was the filesize and extension?

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    dl was bout 80 or 90 mb

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    i use to have this game (a real copy) and im sure it was much bigger than 70-80mb's. sounds like uv been downloading a few different versions well just get the .bin and .cue theyn work much bnetter. sorry but i dont hav a hash just search the boards and im sure u will find one.


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