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Thread: Mirc + Proxies

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    Just wondering how secure you guys believe downloading from mIRC is, using say, ircspy to search. There is no uploading involved, no shared folders to look in to get you, the only way would be for them to host a file and let you DL from them wouldn't it? And even this would be entrapment?

    But it still may be enough to send a nasty letter and get you disconnected from your ISP, no?, entrapment or not.

    Also, about proxies,
    if a system administrator noticed that you were using them to DL copyrighted files, wouldn't they report you directly to the RIAA/MPAA whoever? Doesn't this add an element of risk in using a proxy server? You are after all just typing in a few numbers into your program and have no idea what the proxy actually is?

    Sorry if this is a pile of ****, but I'm still new.

    Thanks again.

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    People who host files on IRC are at risk, but you're right, I can't think of a single way they could catch downloaders. The most they could do is watch the channels and try to collect IPs, but there's still no proof that they downloaded anything.


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