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Thread: Converting A Dvd

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    hello, can somebody please tell me wich program i can use to convert my VOB files that i have extracted into avi format, is there a program that can do this and also so i can choose the subtitles and the resolution and the codec i want to use.

    any help would be good thanks.

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    cmon guys cant you please help me

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    There are a range of programs that are good at this sort of thing...Dr DivX and Tpmgenic spring to mind
    You could have alook around this site for some info

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    i need to encode to XVID, does dr.divx do xvid ?

    oh and the programs from doom arent working out to good. all of them ive tried have had different problems. some had bad quality, some didnt read ifo's some made the picture choppy and stuff.

    isnt there a program simmilar to flask mpeg that can do this ? but without making the subtitles go missing sometimes ?


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