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Thread: Router Local Address

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    Only 2 days back, I redirected ports 6881-6999 so BT can bypass my router's firewall so I can get better download speeds...

    My local address was then...(i went to c: prompt and typed ipconfig)

    So i redirected the ports 6881-6999 to that port...

    now 2 days later, it seems when using shad0w's experimental client, my status light is always yellow.

    I ipconfig today and my local address is now I'm wondering whether this local address is random or could it be determined by the position my cat5 wire is attached to my 4port router??

    my dad likes to pull out our wires when my sis chats too much, so he could have incidentally placed my wire in another position...and thus a new local ip address?? or is it just randOMM?

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    If the router's dhcp server is working correctly, the same mac address (that's on the network adapter in your pc) should get the same ip address every time UNLESS
    1) the tables in the router have been cleared down OR
    2) the ip address has been released by your pc and has subsequently been re-allocated to another pc OR
    3) the lease time on that ip address has expired and the ip has subsequently been re-allocated to another pc.

    The expiry time for your ip leases may be too short, which could be the cause of your problem. Some routers deliberately do this in case the situation exists where there are more pc's than can be concurrently handled by the router. I assume that your router can handle all the pc's at the same time, so you need to read the router's manual to find out how to increase the lease time.

    Alternatively, rather than obtaining an ip address automatically you could fix the ip address for your pc (put it to something like which would stop this from happening, but that's probably not the best solution.
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