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Thread: Nero 5 Plus Plugins

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    hey. i have nero 6 i think it sucks big time. i have deleted my old nero 5 and would like some one to post a verified hash of a working copy of pluss the plugins. thanks

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    Can't help you there should be in the Verified Hashes I would have thought but you can get the "ogg" plugin here.

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    ask {i}{k}{e} hes got the link as for the plugins there is a older 5.x.xx.xx wit all plugins on kazaa get that n rip the plugins ;)

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    I love the new Nero 6. What do you hink is wrong with it. Just Curious

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    not every1s got a dvd burner u kw n its too damn big, i use nero 5.5 n alcohol 120%. (searchin for a mp3 burning app)


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