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Thread: How Long To Download?

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    I've just got Kazaa Lite and have downloaded my first couple of files, but I can't believe the time it's taking. I have an ADSL connection my first file was about 725Mb and took 28Hrs to complete my second file was about the same size and is in to it's second day. Has anyone got any pointers, what am I doing wrong??

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    it depemnds on the sources upload limits and other stuff like that

    or u could try getting a faster connection

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    If you are getting low speeds from a single source, the first thing to try is right-clicking and selecting "Find More Sources".

    If that doesn't help read the FAQ on how to jump supernodes, etc, to enable you to find better sources for your files.

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    You could have a T1 line and still take a week (or more). It's not as if you're downloading it from some official server here.

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    this is due to either low sources, or the sources have low connection speeds.

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    You should try THIS if you haven't, it works pretty good for me


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