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Thread: Speed

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    Can any of you intellectuals out there assist me with my predicament???

    4.30pm sunny day, not another vehicle in sight. Round a slight curve at 105mph and who should be standing down the road with a hairdryer pointing straight at me(breathe) Mr plod. I`ve heard they cant take readings on bends, but what the sh.t do I know! Please help, cos Im a student and cant afford the fine.

    BSc clinical physiology (Cardiology) not a bum!!!!!!

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    What the hell do you expect people to say? You were caught speeding, tough shit.

    What if, for example, some kid had fell off their bike when you rounded that bend?

    I've always found it odd that while drink driving, disgraceful as it is, is seen by society to be completely unacceptable, speeding is seen as being ok, as long as you don't get caught.

    I hope you lose your license.

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    i agree
    Single handedly destroying the NHS from the inside

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    you could make up some kind of elaborate excuse, like, you hit some ice, so to keep your car from over-steering you had to hammer the accelerator which resulted in some excessive speed, or you could say your speedo was faulty, but ultimately if theyve caught you at that speed i think you will be lucky not to get banned

    Bukem and randy should lay off a little, although its a stupid speed, id be prepare to bet youve done something similar, i also assume it was on the motor way, if otherwise id cancel your insurance lol

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    clinical physiology (Cardiology) not a bum!!!!!!

    So you want to heal.....????

    You mean:
    Clinical psycho(Sickology). Real Bummer!!!!!!

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    As I understand the situation

    UK - over 100mph - automatic 12 month ban, no questions asked.

    Oh and look forward to a huge hike in your insurance, if you can get any at all.

    Did you have a reason to be travelling at this speed, or were you just playing on the road.

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    105 round a corner?

    A corner so angeled that you couldnt even see the officer standing on the other side? (ie a very tight corner)

    shouldnt have been speeding, 12 month ban by the sound of it, people are killed every day by people like you

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    Well, the best you could do is fight it in court, if that is possible in your country. If so, there is a chance of a reduced penalty. Admitting guilty without a trial leaves you with 0% chance of any reduced penalties.

    I work at a shop where we calibrate sonic transmitters and transducers, and those electronic devices are within 0.5% accuracy. So the police officer's equipment is mostly up to date without an expired calibration sticker. At the speeds you were traveling, I am sure you were beyond that 0.5% accuracy.

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    I think you should go and fight it in front of the judge. That way he can really throw the book at you and increase your penalty.

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    Originally posted by TClite@ 28 October 2003 - 20:18
    Bukem and randy should lay off a little, although its a stupid speed, id be prepare to bet youve done something similar, i also assume it was on the motor way, if otherwise id cancel your insurance lol
    You're wrong. I'm totally against speeding.

    Ten years or so ago i witnessed something terrible that had a lasting and profound effect on me. I was travelling in South Africa with a friend, when i witnessed a horrendous traffic accident. We had been hitch hiking near Mossel Bay and got a lift off this really sound guy. We were chatting away happily when a car overtook us doing a crazy speed, despite the road being bendy with many blind corners. Ten minutes later we rounded a bend where we saw an accident had occurred.

    The same car that had just overtook us, had rounded a corner and ploughed into the back of another car that had pulled out of a junction. The force of the collision had rammed the slow moving car into a ditch with it's back end ending up in the air at 90 degrees.

    Of course we stopped, not that there was a thing we could do. In the upturned car was a young couple and a child of four years of age. The child, who had been sat in the back seat and not wearing a seat belt, had shot forward head first between her parents into the windscreen. While the mother and child apparently died instantly, the father survived. He did however lose the use of his legs, which were crushed by the steering wheel shaft. The driver of the speeding car also died later in hospital.

    While it was a miracle that the Father survived, how tragic it is that he had to witness the horrible death of his wife and child, then after a lengthy period of rehabillitation, spend his life in a wheel chair. All because someone they had never met chose to drive at a dangerous speed.

    Now i'm not here to shock. I just think that maybe by telling this story, it might change some peoples opinions about speeding.

    I'm not labelling the original poster as some kind of monster. It's quite possible that, had i not witnessed this horrendous and tragic accident, i myself might speed. The fact is however that most road fatalities are caused by excessive speed. By speeding you're not only risking your own life, but also the life of every other road user you encounter.

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