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Thread: Help With Opening An Unregistered Iso

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    I downloaded a program in .iso format and opened it using WinIso and burned it to disk. I can't open the setup files because they say that is is an unregistered copy. The downloaded program came with a serial number but I can't even get into it to install the number. What do I do?

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    Get "Iso Buster" B)

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    will this open an unregistered copy?

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    Ahh I see now, whats stopping you from sticking the serial in?

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    I click on Setup and a box pops up saying that it will not open because it is an unregistered copy.

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    so, has anyone else come across this? what do i do to open the file. I downloaded two different programs and they both do the same thing. They were .iso files and i downloaded them and burned them to disk. I used roxio 6 and told it to burn a bootable cd. So whn i try to open 'setup' a box just tells me that i am unable to use because it is an unregistered copy. It won't open. I have the serial numbers, but can't get anywhere to use it. HELP... I'm new to the whole .iso thing.

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    so u just need a registered copy of winiso. pm me

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    well, i used winiso, and it does the same thing (it;s not registered copy, though). If i use a registered copy of winiso, what do i do to open the unregistered programs that i downloaded??

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    what is the program you trying to install? instead of running it from the disc have you tried extracting or copying all the files to a folder and running the setup from there? it may be a program that requires "registering" on the net to setup so turn off your internet connection while you run setup and see if there is a folder called "crack" on the cd because alot of people add the crack or fix to the iso before they put it up for sharing.

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    well, I downloaded roxio easy cd creator 6. when I open a file it automatically opens in Winiso. There is a file in there with the serial number in it, but when I click on setup or application it says that it can't open a file larger than 3MB because it is an unregistered copy. This also happened when I downloaded Office XP. Could it be the program Winiso??

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