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Thread: My Net Connection

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    hello mates

    i am looking for a program that will perform the following automatically instead of me manually doing it all the time.

    1) disconnects my connection (dialup/vpn) after a certain period of time
    - despite connection being active or idle

    2) then reconnects my connection right after disconnecting it.

    does anyone know of any programs capable of such functionality?

    trouble is my pathetic ISP connection setup. i am on LAN and i need to dial into the vpn server to get net access. the vpn server seems to be incapable of maintaining client connections for a longer period of time.

    i have noticed that the vpn connection timesout in approximately 60 minutes. i remain connected but nothing is downloadable/uploadable. disconnecting and reconnecting makes it active once again but only for another 60 minutes or so.

    id really appreciate your feedback.

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    have you looked to see if you can edit the timeout value? (i'm not on VPN, so dont know much about it, but maybe try it?) just make sure you know all the default setting if it f**ks up your connection or somethin....
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    there is no timeout value defined.

    vpn connection is simple by the way. just like dialup with a username and password. authentication protocols and destination ip need to be defined as additional credentials. very similar to dialup almost same dialogue box.

    i found a program that disconnects after a certain defined time. problem now is i cant get to reconnect despite configuring to auto connect in internet explorer. i purposely made a page that refreshed every 10 seconds to check if it reconnected > didnt auto connect at all. not even once.

    any other reconnect suggestions?


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