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Thread: My Two Cents

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    Here's my two cents....if anyone cares. Copying music, movies, etc. has been going on for 20 + years. You could copy music to cassette from radio, copy movies from TV like HBO, and now cd's dvds and games with new tech. What is the RIAA going to do next.... get warrants and search our homes for copied things as I mentioned !!! LMAO. I can borrow someones cd or game or what not and make it for myself or others for me. 20 yrs is a long time to be doing something that now their wanting to do something about it. Even if they take off P2P (lol ) we will continue to share music. GET OVER IT RIAA!!! We have mass murderers and rapists etc... that are getting away with their crimes, while us, especially that little girl in NY get hit hard for sharing.....SHARING. What next, if a kid shares his toy he'll get fined. Or will ebay get kicked off because people sell their cds dvds or whatnot because the musicians aren't getting money if their music is being sold like that.

    LONG LIVE P2P!!!!!!!

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    Yeah, I feel u on some of that. But the musicians are getting their money they just want it to stop because they can get more money. They are greedy but who wouldn't be if someone is cutting into your money, I would be ready to kill probably but they can't do that so they are using the best tactics they have. Also, u copy a friends and spreading it is low-key and won't get spread as much as a P2P can. But I don't like them for trying to stop us. They will never win so they should just quit.

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    their major problem with it is that it is so mainstream now and yes, their greed

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    In the words of Justin Timberlake, "Cry me a river." I just lost a million, now my maxed out BMW will be reposessed. With a song like that I wonder . As for copying someone elses CDs or whatnot, I can still rip. But I am a part of, to help in the fight of all media problems. Hey we can still boycott as lawman said in past reply. Here's a message for all the "artists" and actors out there, make better music!!!! Or they could make contiplation albums especially for the consumer, what the music they want on CD for low,low prices. But the better ship it to us fast.

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    yeh. if u share something with your m8 - u dont get sued
    whats so different if u do it with people via kazaa? NOTHING.


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