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Thread: Blue Screen Of Death.....

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    hi all,
    having trouble with the infamous blue screen in windows xp... seems to only come up when the net is running and nearly always (i think) when a P2P program is running (either a bittorent or kazaa etc.)... Have tried everything i can think of but nothing seems to work so far... HELP!!!

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    I never saw the blue screen of death in XP yet.

    Actually , I saw what is probably a "blue screen" once, while installing XP onto a bad hard drive that had bad sectors, but it would not allow me to install it.

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    What error code?

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    um, sometimes it says up the top "IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL"... either/or with some files listed down the bottom like CMUDA.SYS or NDIS.SYS... then it does a memory dump and i have to restart the computer...

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    probably a hardware or driver issue, is your cooler fan clean on your processor? could be over heating. update ya graphics drivers, have you got correct driver for your mouse and keyboard? have you done anything recently ie new modem or updated drivers at windows update? more info please and as zapjb said write the code down that appears on the blue screen and tell us what it is

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    right CMUDA.SYS is a soundcard driver for the k7s5a motherboard, is that your board? if so then its a cmedia 9738, check and make sure that is your onboard sound card and update driver with the latest HERE

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    computer insides are pretty new... only new thing i've done recently was getting a USB ADSL modem, which worked fine for a couple of weeks, then all of a sudden these problems... i'm waiting for it to happen again so i can get the proper code but its not!!! Murphy's law... should start doing something really important on the computer then it will happen...

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    If its a new modem go to the manufacturers website and download the latest driver for it, they bound to have a newer one than the one that came with the modem

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    yeh, you would think so wouldn't you, but it seems d-link have stopped supprting the '200' series... couldn't find a driver at all on their site, let alone a newer one than i've got...

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    well, waddya know, its done it again... only a few minutes after i started emule too... funny coincidence methinks... this time though the error referred to NDIS.SYS file as being the source of the problem, or conflict... anyone know what this is linked to?

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