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Thread: How Does Suprnova Work ?

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    G'day everyone!

    I was skippin thru on of your topics and found this side which should be pretty handy to get movies and whatnot.

    But i have no idea what i got to do to get a movie. I'm already registered, but I don't know how to get a movie. It says something about my torrant and upload a torrant. What do i have to do? I have tried to download a movie a couple of times but it never kicked in. I have selected the main category which also requires a Movie IMDB link that I dont know how to get. Other categories want me to give a Information link which i also dont know how to get.

    it wud be very nice of you if you could quickly give me a little help on that !

    thx in advance...

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    All u have to do is one thing go here and download Bittorrent and then go back to the site & click anything u want and it will download.

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    just remmember if you want to resume your download another time, you should RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE TARGET AS on the .torrent file, then to resume just right click that .torrent file and choose openwith bittorent, then save it where you first chose to save it and it will resume.

    or you can use irc, i think its alot faster and u can resume with mirc also.

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    Thanks a lot !

    It works fine and I'm now downloading scary movie 3. But how do u get it downloaded with getright? Every time I click the link getright only downloads the file that then later on start the direct transfer.

    anyway, have a great day.



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