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Thread: Leage Of Extroudanry Gentleman.

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    hey guys, i just got the tcf sample of Leage of extroudanry gentleman from mirc, i was just wondering is the actual movie the same resolution as the sample, because the sample has borders on the top,bottom,left and right.

    it looks good quality, but the screen is way to small. even a midget would say *HEY WTF IS THIS SHIT*

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    I just watched that movie. It is a small screen on DivX, but when I played it in PowerDVD, it only had borders top and bottom. The screen goes black and white sometimes and there is sometimes a message about not selling the DVD at the bottom for a bit. Other than that, it's a gr8 movie

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    The 2-disc, DVD screener has been released a few weeks ago.

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    U can go to and download my version of the movie, it's Kvcd. Which means dvd quality all on one disc I think it is still being shared. It says -Grencode- but before u do make sure u go here: and check the compatiblity list to see if they work on your DVD Player.

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    Originally posted by ang3r@29 October 2003 - 17:56

    it looks good quality, but the screen is way to small. even a midget would say *HEY WTF IS THIS SHIT*
    lol !

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    nah i think ill stick with using mirc, its alot faster then bittorent and kazaa for me so far.

    and i dont want it for my dvd players cause my dvd player only plays origenal dvd's and burnt dvd's but not divx. but i only want it for my pc anyways.

    so the final movie is in shit resolution also ? hmmmm..... is there a waty to fix this ?

    ive tried using flask mpeg and progranms like that but the quality (ofcourse) does drop a little.


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