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Thread: Printers

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    Hi to all. I have a 722c HP printer and I love it, it is easy to use and does a wonderful job on colour as well as black & white!
    However Christmas is coming and my family are going to buy me a new borderless printer (because I would like one&#33 now I was telling them to get the new HP 7660xi because it does borderless and reversable printing which would be very nice!
    But this morning in the adds I saw two things that concern me, first Canon have come out with a borderless printer and also have one black and three individual colour cartridges so that when one color goes you only have to buy it instead of one container with the three colours in it!
    Then I saw Epsons add they also do a borderless printer but they say, I quote "Durabite inks, water,smudge and light resistant"! and I must say that if one of my HP prints get wet it does smudge!
    What would you buy. Thank you.
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    What are the prices of each printer?

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    I would buy Epson rather than HP, simply because of the cost of replacement cartridges. You can get brand new 'compatible' cartridge for Epsons for a fraction of the price of the refurbished 'compatible' HP cartridges. I have no experience of Canon so I can't objectively comment on them, but I believe some of them work out at about the same price as Epson.
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    Good: print quality, cost of carts, cost of printer, separate colour carts (some models)
    Bad: cheap ink can block print head (no warranty cover for this), speed (don't believe Epson)

    Good: speed, new print head in each HP cart
    Bad: cost of carts (blimey&#33

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    Epson quality and reliability imo cant be faulted.

    if your in uk go to PCWorld/Dixons/Comet/Currys and pick up the Epson 900 for 75. I got one and it really is fantastic.
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