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Thread: Is There Are A Software

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    Im looking for a software its like microsoft word but its lke instead someone typing all u do is say wat u want typing up and it types it automatically is that possible if there 1 if there is can i have the name of the sofware thanks

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    it's not the word processor than handles the "Speech recognition", a seperate program handles such requests. Windows has it and an imporoved one is available thru the installation of Office 2003 or XP. Google for "Speech recognition".

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    btw, fix ur avatar from


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    Good speech recognition programs are IBM ViaVoice 10 and Dragon Naturally Speaking Pro. Windows XP has a build in speech API but you need another 3rd party spoftware to make use of it. You can probably download one of these programs off of Kazaa or try to find it on

    BTW I recently downloaded IBM ViaVoice 10 over BitTorrent, I think.

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    Dragon Naturally Speaking is one of the best


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