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Thread: Ffxi

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    come on someone has to put this online

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    You can find the jappenese release of it on eMule and there is one on suprnova, but i dont know what language its in.

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    What good does downloading it do? Nothing at all... It's a waste of time (unless you stole like the 3 cdkeys...). You need around 3 cd keys to play. Plus it's pay to play...

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    Im pretty sure you can set up a PlayOnline account and play FFXI if you get 2 of the CD Keys without having to legally buy it. The 3 CD Keys are for

    3.)Tetra Masters

    I dont think you need the tetra masters CD Key to play the actual game because its just a minigame.

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    if you read about this game it actually tells you that its a MMORPG.
    to play online you need to subscibe and pay 12.95$ a month, although it seems like a great game so it might be worth it.


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